urban sex kitten

So now I'm obsessed with bedrooms.  It was kitchens (more on that to come - absolutely no doubt about it that my kitchen issues are going to rear their head very soon, I usually start most conversations with Allanis with the words 'I've been thinking about that bloody kitchen and...') but after being holed up in ma chambre for days I have decided it needs sorting. There is a storage issue for starters that is resulting in clean laundry being built into precarious towers on the floor in apparently random spots rather than being stashed away neatly.  It's like an agility test just getting to the bed from the door without upsetting a pile. It can't go on!

I had a flick through some images for some inspiration and found this.  The aesthetic couldn't be further away from what I plan to do at No 74 but that doesn't make me love this any less.  The lighting is fabulous, combined with the mix of texture it gives the room an atmosphere of delicious intimacy and there is sensuality about it that's as raw as the exposed brick work. I would call it Urban Sex Kitten. Gorgeousness.  Wouldn't work here unless I started chipping plaster off the walls but it's great.

It doesn't solve the storage issue but we'll gloss over that for now.


  1. Ha Urban Sex Kitten! Love it. Someday I will paint some old wood floors white and it will be lovely.


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