pack it up pack it in, let me begin

You know I was doing a tartan ribbon dash?  Yeah yeah, well they sell ribbon here at The Packhouse, an antiques centre (shabby chic emporium) in nearby Runfold.

So I just nipped in.  And ended up coming home with this....

...and no ribbon.  Soooooo that was good wasn't it?

It's a wee cabinet that looks nothing much in the photo, it's very plain and simple, but it looks great inside No 74.  I just tried to take a photo to show you but my camera obviously can't cope without daylight and it looked like we live in a cave which was rather unfortunate. I'll try again tomorrow. It's going to get a lick of paint and some new hardware and it'll look brill.  It was also mega cheap which for The Packhouse was a bit of a turn up for the books.

The place is like a maze.  A really nice maze with oodles and oodles of furniture and mirrors and THINGS that you don't need but WANT REALLY BADLY.  You know the sort of THINGS I mean?  Here is a really nice bookcase with a curved top shelf which was aces (but which I have succeeded in missing in the photo almost entirely) filled with THINGS! You're right yes, I also come home with a useless but pretty nicknack that I found on that shelf.

I loved this, but it was quire astonishingly expensive.  I actually took a step back from it when I read the ticket.  Damn it.

I have looked at these mirrors time and time again.  Allanis is having precisely none of it. (I shall persist.)

I also started to go a bit bonkers because I took a picture of this:

although I'm not sure why.  I am not a fan of jaunty paintwork on furniture.  I have no need for a harlequin chest of drawers. I also really don't like those miniature mannequin things. I almost bought that lamp once though fact finders, perhaps that was why.

So there has been a fair amount of shuftying about of furniture in our living room to accommodate the cabinet. I'm not sure about the set up at the mo, photos to follow.  Needless to say I have been shouting PIVOT!!!! very loudly every time we have moved something. Ho ho ho.

I'm off to an antiques market first thing, for which I will be getting up at 5am which makes me feel nauseous. Anyway, more of that tomorrow.  And for those that were wondering the Burns Supper went swimmingly and of course I made my own shortbread really.  And it was glittery.  Oh ye of little faith! x


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