mirror mirror on the....oh.

OK. I had another blog, which I posted on sporadically. I was a bit rubbish about keeping up with it and used it more as an online mood board of images I liked rather than making the most of it. Anyway, the last post I did for that one was about this disco ball staircase which I was in love with.  In love!  I waxed lyrical about how, as soon as I had a house with actual real life stairs I'd get this whole mirror tile thing going on toute de suite. Oh yeah baby!  There would be no stopping me.  I had my vision, I would stay true to my aesthetic...you just watch!

Soooo.  What I didn't know when I was writing that post is that I was pregnant and in fact a move out of the leafy London suburbs and our beloved flat and in to a house with actual real life stairs was imminent. Yes!  The two things I had been hankering after happened.  Joy upon joy! The other blog just hung about, lonely and abandoned as I set about growing my tummy to resemble Humpty Dumpty and applied myself to developing a rather unhealthy obsession with pistachio ice cream.

We moved in to number seventy four after a lot of estate agent to-ing and fro-ing when I was eight months pregnant, in the height of summer.  The house is a Victorian terrace and needs some doing upping but nothing scary. On moving we discovered that the previous owners' puppy had very clearly staked his claim on his territory all over the carpets running up the stairs, landing and bedrooms. Although we didn't expect to be doing any work at all on moving in...'We have a baby coming!' we thought 'This needs sorting IMMEDIATELY!'  What can I say dear reader?  I wasn't in my right mind.  My hormones were all over the shop and all I really had mental space for was how I was going to fit more pistachio ice cream into my freezer just in case there might be a world shortage or something.  (Which might have been a possibility at the rate I was going, for reals.)

What did we do you ask?  Measure up and get straight to the nearest mirrored mosaic tile supplier?  No.  We covered the whole lot in carpet, that's what.  Beige carpet.  The polar opposite of a disco ball mirrored staircase.  Gah!  The Baby is now six months old and every time I climb those stairs I bemoan my hormones and damn pistachio ice cream and promise that I'll have a word with myself next time we need to make a big change in the house so this type of error doesn't happen again.  Stay focused Hayley.  FOCUS!!  Admittedly it was a much more practical option and it brightens what is a very dark hallway enormously.  I oft remind myself that if Kelly Hoppen were to nip round for a coffee she would approve and I mean, that's important in life right?

This blog is a new fresh start for our new house and the changes we want to make in it along with sharing a bit of interior porn that I have stacked up on my desktop and don't know what else to do with.  It is also an Ode to These Stairs.  I'll get over it.  No, no seriously I will.  It's FINE.  (Sob.)


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