headtorches at dawn

I am so very, very tired.  I woke up with a start half an hour ago after telling Allanis that I was gong to tidy away The Baby's toys.  I had conked out on his playmat and was only roused when the toy I affectionately refer to as Noisy Puppy (this what I call it out loud. I call it something with more !$%!*'s in my head) started barking at me and demanding that I hug it.  It was obviously not the best choice as a pillow for my cat nap.

I'm knackered because I went to the antiques fair this morning.  I was going to get up at 5am but I realised I needed an earlier start after I got in bed last night and said "Hmmm.  I wish I could find the tape measure!" in a flippant and throwaway manner.  I felt Allanis sink further into his pillow in despair "You only had it yesterday" (which actually, is irrelevant.  Things can be lost even if you have just used them a SECOND ago, there isn't a time prerequisite on losing things is there? Sometime my husband's logic is baffling.) "That is irrelevant!" I said. "Have you measured up for the furniture you need Hayley?" he muttered through gritted teeth.  No I had not dear reader.  Nor had any means to do so and yet I was supposed to be off on a mission to find a wardrobe for our very problematically sized bedroom alcove.  Needless to say I felt a bit of a tool.  So I got up at 4 flipping am to find the ruddy tape measure which I did thankfully, in the bit in the car that holds your coffee for you whilst you drive. (Of course, where else would it be?)  

I didn't mind though because this fair is a bit aggressive.  You have to get your elbows out a bit and hustle for the best stuff so the earlier the start the better really. Or so I thought.  I last went in summer.  It was pitch black when I got there. Look...

Can you see the little dot of light hovering about in the middle?  Well that's a geezer wearing a headtorch that shone right at me and frazzled my retinas for a good 15 seconds.  The swine.  That's what I was dealing with people.  Headtorches at dawn.  And how cold was it this morning? Yowzas.  Needless to say it wasn't an especially fun experience.

There were very few wardrobes, problematically sized or otherwise.  There were a LOT of mirrors and a LOT of mega massive dining tables and really knackered armchairs and chaises but not a great deal else.  I felt a bit miserable at the amount of people flogging really naffly painted wooden furniture and calling it 'shabby chic' encouraging the punters to repaint it, change the hardware and 'it'll come up a treat!"  Sorry what was that?  Did I buy anything?  Yes actually, this for the bathroom...

I'm planning on redoing thee crapola paint job and changing the knobs. It'll come up a TREAT!  (Ahem.)

So it was a bit of a success but still no wardrobe and it's starting to drive me mad.  I have been looking for eight months now. I need a plan B.  I have no mental capacity left to think about that now though, I'm, going to bed.  I have tormented myself looking at these pics of gorgeous pristine white bedrooms, they would be the perfect antidote to my day spent in a muddy field in the cold.  Night night. Zzzzzz x

 {images via: automatism, elle deco, fantastic frank, forgotten source}


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