bed rest

Good. Grief. I have been in bedroom quarantine for the last three days after being got by a horrid sickeness bug.  I emerged, blinking and confused into the real world (i.e. the rest of the felt enormous) today.  After wobbling about like Bambi for most of the morning I thought a restorative cup of coffee and a biscuit must be in order and BAM!  As quickly as it struck it vanished and I am fine which is good but frankly baffling.  Clearly coffee and a biscuit is the way forward with such things, who knew?

I spent three whole days tucked up in bed which would have been great were it not for the feeling that I was at sea for most of it. Thank goodness I remembered that I had the entire season 4 of the Rachel Zoe Project to catch up on which whiled away a few hours - although I must say there was a disappointing lack of shouting about B A N A N A S and I do so miss Brad and his bow ties and smart short combos.

The rest of the time I spent thinking about how my bedroom is supposed to have this sort of vibe...

crisply chic and enveloping and cosy, you know?

Please note I said 'supposed to'.

There is work to be done in that room people.  A whooooole lotta work. 


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