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Is there anybody there...?

{Project 74 Pinterest}
Well!  Golly! This is all rather embarrassing. Yikes.  I think I might have exhausted myself with that last house tour and needed a little sit down and a rest.  For THREE YEARS it seems.  Whoops! 

No, I'll tell you what really happened.  Bloody Pinterest that's what.  ADDICTED. 
ADD. IC. TED.  There I was, kidding myself that I was gathering ideas for the blog like a little nerdy yet aesthetic magpie and instead I was just pinning 4,000 images of white sofas and Kartell Ghosts complete with artfully slung sheepskins.  Oh and hairstyles.  Which all look like my own, actual hairstyle.  Anyway, if you want have a penchant for sheepskin adorned seating or want to see many, many pictures of ladies with fringes here is the Project 74 board! (I jest, there are  plenty of other gorgeous pins too.)

{Project 74 on Pinterest} Aaaaaand in other news, we have moved. Number 74 is officially someone else's project now because just over three years ago we moved the fa…

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